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Four items

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Four items
Health and old age are taking their toll on me and I am in the process of downsizing hobbies in particular. I'd rather sell camera, tripod, & studio light kit all in a single lot as it is quicker and more convenient for me of course.

1. Bicycle
Men's Sears 18 speed bicycle with horseshoe lock, saddlebag rear wire carriers (tires, tubes, rim liners, control cables, brakes, and fenders replaced and wheel spokes retensioned)refurbished by N. Gooch 1.5 yrs ago and never been used due to health concerns.
$175.00 OBO cash or certified cheque

2. Mixer Board & PA system
Yamaha 12 CHannel powered mixer board with Yamaha 100 W bookshelf speaker system with Sound Stage 80 W subwoofer; all mounted on mobile cart. configured to operate stereo at 100 watts output. Option available to configure it to up the output audio power to 350 and 500 Watts mono to drive large venue passive speakers (not included).
$525.00 OBO cash or certified cheque
-extra info

3. VIDEO tripod & head
Manfrotto 503HDV head with 351MVB2 ADJUSTABLE LEG SET and factory case. (current online price $800.00)
-extra info
- separate price tripod, head and shoe $725.00 OBO cash or certified cheque

Panasonic AG-HMC70P AVCHD (720p 1080i HDV) memory card Camera-Recorder. 2 large battery packs and one small pack with desktop charger,raynox wide angle lens attachment, round lens hood, two UV ND filters (Hoya) , raynox DCR-1540PRO1.54 telephoto lens attachment, MKE400 camera mounted shotgun mic, adapter to connect audio input via XLR connectors, camera remote control, watertight Pelican 1650 carrying case.
-extra info (used amazon price $800.00 excluding extra batteries and lens attachments/filters)

- separate price pelican case,camera,lens attachments, batteries & charger $775.00 OBO cash or certified cheque

4. Studio Light kit with 9' x 12' green screen. Consists of a 1250 W Key light with stand, barn doors color plates and unbrella reflectorand stands; two 650 watt (keylight & back light) also with barn doors and stands. Complete kit fits in large custom hockey bag for transport and stands encased in oversized lawn chair nylon bag, Originally purchased for approx $1200.00 from Image West Production suppliers in Las Vegas NV. 5 years ago approx. Only used twice. Comes with set of spare bulbs.
- separate price light kit $875.00 OBO cash or certified cheque

or $1850.00 OBO cash or certified cheque for items 3 & 4 all in one lot

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